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Counting DAB fluorophore


WS Recognizer allows for counting fluorophores in a given figure (TIF format). The following are the steps for the counting:

Video Demo:

YouTube Video

STEP1: Load TIF image
Select [File][Open image] to load the TIF file.

STEP2: Train classifier

1. In the center window, perform several LEFT mouse clicks on fluorophores to sample the target color. 
2. Similarly, do several RIGHT mouse clicks on the background. 
3. Click on the [Test] button to test the classifier. If the result is not good, try adding more samples by left clicks and right clicks to fine tune the classifier. You may start over by clicking the [X] button to restart the training.

TIP: You may train the classified using an incremental approach fine-tune the result.
TIP: You can save/load the trained classifier for later use.   

STEP3: Read the axonal count 

Read the axonal count appeared on the label to the left of the [Test] button.